Welcome to the Crime and Punishment Wiki This is a drama series show that was on the air and making a comeback in the future. Similar to Law & Order franchise, the Crime and Punishment is a legal drama and Police Documentary series that follows a dedicated Legal Staff and Police Units.

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WThe Crime & Punishment is a legal / police documentary drama series that is focosed on the crime and punishment of way of life. It was originally aired on NBC network that was produced by Wolf Films that was originally focused on court-room proceedings and aired from September 2002 to August 2006. In 2010, a fan of the Law & Order franchise wanted to revive the series to incorporating the Law & Order franchise stories and Crime & Punishment court-room proceedings to make the first ever Legal / Police Documentary / Court-room Proceeding Drama series type. No word on when it will be picked up in the United States major and.or cable television networks or other media outlet venues.[1][2]

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  1. 2011-02-14. Miller Technology Omnimedia Incorporated LLC. Crime & Punishment revival is coming back with revised look with Law & Order story-telling and the differenct outcome verdict of the proceedings of the court-room proceedings that was brought to you by Crime & Punishment series.
  2. 2011-09-08. Miller Technology Omnimedia Incorporated, LLC. Production has started in its tenth week of production of the series. The tentative outlet is online video streaming source sites like YouTube, but, no official word on which online site is not confirmed as of yet.

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